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Dec 9, 2008

UMNO leaders or Malays under threat?

Sumber : Kulit Pisang

The recent coffee shop talk is about the Malays losing power.

The Malay rights as claimed by some have been eroded by the Pakatan state governments.

After the March 8 general election, UMNO felt as if they lost the whole world even though UMNO emerged as the biggest party in parliament.

While UMNO lost 4 state governments to Pakatan, it was the other component parties in Barisan Nasional who suffered the most.

MCA, Gerakan and PPP were almost wiped out in the political tsunami that hit without any prior warnings.

But, did UMNO didn’t see the writings on the wall?

UMNO leaders were so engrossed in themselves that they feel that all their actions, words and moves will go unnoticed.

However, the rakyat have given a warning to UMNO, buck up or forever hold your peace.

Malaysians including the Malays love UMNO and want the party to lead the nation.

The people were indebted to UMNO for their success to get Independence from the British.

The people were also grateful that UMNO managed to defend the nation from the full brunt of the communists.

The people were also thankful that UMNO has managed to bring the country forward from being an agricultural state to an industrial one.

But their loyalty is with condition.

UMNO shall not and will not be allowed to abuse the loyalty that they have pledged.

When UMNO leaders swindle money from the funds meant for the poor, when UMNO leaders abuse the NEP to enrich themselves and when UMNO leaders tries to act as if they are the Sultans of the state, the people will react and react was what they did.

The lessons from the March 8 general election are for UMNO leaders to learn to be humble, to be fair and to be of high integrity.

The Malays have also shown that they will not hesitate to punish UMNO leaders if they betray the people.

This can be seen by the losses of many UMNO parliamentary constituencies and state DUNs.

To them the NEP is there for the betterment of all Malays not just a select few.

Hence, UMNO leaders must improve the delivery system and implement the noble policies of NEP to elevate the status of the Malays.

The Malays despise UMNO leaders who enrich themselves and has no humility as they flaunt their new found wealth with big cars and big mansions.

Many Malays find the racist remarks of Datuk Ahmad Ismail in Penang as distasteful and not representative of the Malays who are known to be humble and courteous.

Hence, it is time for UMNO leaders to step back and rethink of the struggle.

The struggle is to uplift the Malays and not themselves or their cronies.

UMNO leaders who abuse this trust and hope by the Malays will endanger the party.

UMNO have to adopt a more conciliatory approach to gain the trust of the Malays and other communities.

Hence, Youth Vice Chief Khairy Jamaluddin’s call for ‘Setiakawan’ or camaraderie among the BN component parties, among the Malays and also with the other communities in Malaysia is to be considered seriously.

This call reflects the forward way and the progressive philosophy that has to be adopted by UMNO.

It is only by this manner that UMNO will able to rise again.

With UMNO leaders being if high integrity, carry the trust of the people and to reach out to the rest of the rakyat will help UMNO to stand tall again.

Visionary and progressive leaders like Khairy are the way forward for UMNO and the rest of the nation.

Leaders like Khairy will be able to make Malays and Malaysians proud again.

These leaders have to be the front for UMNO and the Malays, for the sake of the race and the nation.


Masih belum sedar diri..sepatutnya mereka mendengar rintihan rakyat..yang selayaknya di angkat pula yang diabaikan dan diketepikan.Kami pemuda sayang akan bangsa dan agama kami,tetapi apabila sesuatu itu sudah tidak lagi relevan,adakah kami perlu mempertahankannya??sebab itu kami pilih alternatif lain apabila demokrasi sudah tidak ada lagi dalam parti.

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