Sesungguhnya sebuah pemikiran itu akan berhasil diwujudkan manakala kuat rasa keyakinan kepadanya, ikhlas dalam berjuang dijalannya, semangat dalam mereali-sasikannya, dan kesiapan untuk beramal serta berkorban dalam mewujudkannya.
Keempat rukun ini, yakni iman, ikhlas, semangat dan amal merupakan karakter yang melekat pada pemuda. Kerana sesungguhnya dasar keimanan itu adalah nurani yang menyala, dasar keikhlasan adalah hati yang bertakwa, dasar semangat adalah perasaan yang menggelora dan dasar amal adalah kemauan yang kuat. Hal itu semua tidak terdapat kecuali pada diri para pemuda

(Hasan Al-Banna)

Jul 29, 2009

Utusan flayed over ‘salacious’ article on Yasmin Ahmad

KUALA LUMPUR, July 29 — An article in the Utusan Malaysia-owned Kosmo tabloid about the celebrated movie-maker Yasmin Ahmad, who died last Saturday from a stroke, has touched off a storm of protest from her friends in the media and advertising industry.

Friends of Yasmin are calling for a boycott of Utusan’s publications and that of Chinese daily Kwong Wah Jit Poh over what they say is “salacious gossip”,

Both newspapers published their reports on Sunday.

A letter has been drafted by former and current journalists protesting against Kosmo’s story. The letter is addressed to Utusan chairman Tan Sri Hashim Makaruddin and a copy is expected to be sent to the Home Minister.

“Yasmin’s family was grieving and at their most vulnerable. Yet your editor saw fit to run a story that showed utter disregard for the late Malaysian filmmaker, her family and the many Malaysians who still mourn her.

“The front-page copy… suggesting that Yasmin had duped everyone and had attempted to hide who she really was,” said the letter.

The Kosmo article headlined “Takdir Yasmin” was described in the letter as “despicable, vile and cruel.”

“Obviously, your editor has never encountered the loss of anyone dear, or a vicious attack on loved ones.

“Yes, you carried tributes both in this story and others. But all these failed to mask the real intention of your paper and its editor, which was to defame and destroy Yasmin’s good name with salacious gossip.

“If your only criterion is to sell newspapers, you achieved your goal. But if your objective is to practice ethical journalistic conduct and act with humanity, you have failed — miserably.”

Yasmin’s death has been widely mourned. — Reuters pic

The death of Yasmin, who was 51, has been widely mourned.

She was considered one of Malaysia’s most creative sparks, with her annual Petronas television advertisements never failing to touch the public.

Her prowess as a movie-maker came to light with the movie “Sepet” when she explored race relations and young love.

She was considered one of the few Malaysian movie-makers who was willing to tackle the subjects of race and religion with her movies and television commercials.

The subject of her movies frequently got her into confrontation with the censorship board.

The newspaper articles which have sparked protest chose, however, to focus on how she should have been buried, and are being seen as a gross invasion of privacy as well as being highly insensitive to her family.

The campaign against the newspapers is a rare coming together of journalists and advertising agencies in an attempt to punish the newspapers, and is testament to the large number of friends who are still willing to stand up for her.


No komen..Utusan..Selalu sangat menimbulkan kontroversi..Semasa mayat mediang Teoh ditemui mati,utusan melaporkan berita seolah2 Teoh yang jatuh dengan sendirinya..Tapi apa yang paling menimbulkan tanda tanya keadaan mayat Teoh yang seakan bukan dari jatuh dari tingkat atas bangunan tersebut...

Rujuk SINI..

Bakal menyusul..Untuk PIHAK yang mengatakan tidak ada skandal mengenai pembunuhan Teoh di pejabat SPRM..

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