Sesungguhnya sebuah pemikiran itu akan berhasil diwujudkan manakala kuat rasa keyakinan kepadanya, ikhlas dalam berjuang dijalannya, semangat dalam mereali-sasikannya, dan kesiapan untuk beramal serta berkorban dalam mewujudkannya.
Keempat rukun ini, yakni iman, ikhlas, semangat dan amal merupakan karakter yang melekat pada pemuda. Kerana sesungguhnya dasar keimanan itu adalah nurani yang menyala, dasar keikhlasan adalah hati yang bertakwa, dasar semangat adalah perasaan yang menggelora dan dasar amal adalah kemauan yang kuat. Hal itu semua tidak terdapat kecuali pada diri para pemuda

(Hasan Al-Banna)

Apr 27, 2009

Smart School

Malaysia intends to transform its educational system in line with and in support of the nation drive to fulfil vision 2020.This vision will only be achievable with a technologically literate.critically thinking work force prepared to participate fully in the global economy of the 21st century.The catalyst for this massive transformation will be technology-supported smart school.which will improve how the educational system achieves the National Philosophy of Education.

The smart school initiative is one of the seven flagship applications that are part of Malaysia's Multimedia super corridor(MSC) project.The government aims to capitalise on the presence of leading-edge technologies and rapid developement.90 pilot smart schools in 1999 will serve as the nucleus for eventual nation-wide rollout of Smart School teaching concept and material,skills& technologies.By 2010,10'000 of Malaysia's primary & secondary schools will be smart schools.

Smart school is a learning institution that has been systemically reinvented in terms of teaching-learning practices& school management in order to prepare children for the information age.

Teaching and Learning Concept

The way to memorize it..CPAT(or cepat)

C- Curriculum
P- Pedagogy
A- Assesment
T- Teaching-learning materials

+Meaningful,socailly responsible,multicultural,reflective,holistic,global,open-ended,goal based & technological.

+Promotes holistic learning,allowing child to progress at their own pace and catering for students capabilities,interest & needs

+The curriculum will be designed to:
Help students achieved overall balanced developement.

+Integrate knowledge,skills,values & correct use of language

+Foster the knowledge,skills and attitudes appropriate for success in the Information Age.


+seek to make learning more interesting,motivating,stimulating & meaningful

+To cater for a range of needs & capabilities among students

+Pedagogy shall:
a)use an appropriate mix of learning strategies
b)accomodate individual different learning styles
c)foster a classroom atmosphere that is compatible with different teaching-learning strategies.

+Distinctly different from current system to help realise the NPOE(Falsafah Pendidikan Negara)

+Element-based & criterion-referenced to provide more holistic & accurate picture of a student's performance.

+Teachers,students & parents parents will be able to access on-line assessment items.

Teaching-Learning Material

+ Designed for the new teaching strategies

+Accomodate students differing needs & abilities

+Allow students to take greater responsibilites for managing & directing their own learning.

Credit to Idrul

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