Sesungguhnya sebuah pemikiran itu akan berhasil diwujudkan manakala kuat rasa keyakinan kepadanya, ikhlas dalam berjuang dijalannya, semangat dalam mereali-sasikannya, dan kesiapan untuk beramal serta berkorban dalam mewujudkannya.
Keempat rukun ini, yakni iman, ikhlas, semangat dan amal merupakan karakter yang melekat pada pemuda. Kerana sesungguhnya dasar keimanan itu adalah nurani yang menyala, dasar keikhlasan adalah hati yang bertakwa, dasar semangat adalah perasaan yang menggelora dan dasar amal adalah kemauan yang kuat. Hal itu semua tidak terdapat kecuali pada diri para pemuda

(Hasan Al-Banna)

Apr 11, 2009

Guys vs baby..

Untrained guys that's it. In the following pictures are reasons why "untrained" guys should not go near babies. Ever.

It's a comparison of do and don't when "handling" babies.

Reason 1
Guys are very particular/perfectionist

A drop on the skin is not enough.
Have to use tongue to test whether the milk is hot or not ok.

Reason 2
Guys are very thoughtful

Put in the cradle is not suitable, later catch cold how?
Have to put in the drawer mah. Better

Reason 3
Guys are very playful

Hold so near where got fun.
Have to throw as high as possible = FUN

Reason 4
Guys are very cheerful

Must make baby smile.
If baby won't smile, have to "force" baby to smile

Reason 5
Guys are very strong

Normal lift like that like a sissy.
No, just lift by the head. Strong.
Hugaa hugaa

Reason 6
Guys are very creative

Letting baby pet puppy carefully no use.
Have to do stuff like put inside the aquarium for baby to "bond" with Nemo.

Reason 7
Guys are very practical

Chew on the soft rubber no use.
Have to give something like a shoe with rubber soles. Longer lasting

Reason 8
Guys are very health-conscious

Pumping iron is the way to go.
The macho way to go

Reason 9
Guys are very effective and efficient

Drying using the drying machine faster, efficient and effective mah.

Reason 10
Guys are very considerate

The normal containment is not good.
Have to have a containment that has water and food mah.
Like a pet's cage.

Reason 11
Guys are very straight to the point

Why the hassle?
Just use finger to clear the nose.
Much faster and adds a personal touch.

Reason 12
Guys are very safety oriented

No need for baby seat.
Just use the seatbelt and you are good to go

Reason 13
Guys are genius and magical


Just because of the fact that
guys can

provide milk.

Genius no?
Magical no?
(alright, that is sooooo wrong)

That is why, never trust guys with babies. Especially highly "untrained" guys. Understand?

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